Career Management Counseling Services

Dr. Judith T. Evans is a career consultant who has worked with clients for more than 25 years. If you are being downsized, looking for a career change or wishing to revitalize your career, she may have something special to offer you.

Career and executive coaching services to clients are:

  • Developing new streams of income
  • Identifying best career fits through assessments
  • Coaching for enhancing current career or to transition to a better one
  • Producing marketing materials from resumes to websites
  • Creating LinkedIn sites for improving networking and marketing visibility.
  • Exploring entrepreneurial options from consulting to business start-ups
  • Creating Linkedin sites for improving networking and marketing visibility

The heart of career management is enabling a client to become more visible, gain new skills and knowledge or earn professional credentials. It can be obtaining a more satisfying position at one’s current company. It can be identifying new income sources such as rental properties, internet marketing or turning a hobby into a profitable business venture.

Selected Examples of Career Successes:

  • Encouraged Information technology professional to update skills and expand networking. Helped mid-career professional earn M.B.A. with internship to be more viable and competitive in the job market.
  • Guided downsized executive recruiter to find better position while exploring new options which led to teaching youngsters how to cook for fun and personal satisfaction.
  • Corporate employees frequently like what they do but dislike the organizational culture of current manager. In this case it’s finding a new position or adapting to the environment. For instance, a lawyer wanted to quiet position. Encouraged her to stay for three years to get an additional $10,000 annually in pension income. When she retired, she thanked me for teaching her to become an actress during the final years!
  • Enabled venture capital founder to have confidential support when his firm had financial setback.
  • Mentored compliance lawyer to transfer to another department to handle transactional matters that diversified his skill set and drew upon his foreign cultural interests.
  • Coached retired executive during interim assignments to achieve C.E.O. position in well-funded start-up.
  • Provided negotiation training to recent college graduate that resulted in a higher starting salary than originally offered.
  • Helped downsized client land a new position. Three years later when that position ended, supported her in choosing multiple streams of income; a full-time consulting position, a website business and internet publishing.
  • Protected client interested in starting a new business avoid failure by critiquing business plan and creating a panel of 10 reviewers. The numbers just would not work. She avoided losing more than $300,000 and was grateful.
  • Produced compelling resumes and provided strategic advice for entrepreneurs who wanted to obtain corporate positions

What differentiates Judith T Evans as a career coach?

  • Management and organizational training at three leading corporations: Right Management, Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis) and Cosmair/L’Oreal.
  • Expertise honed supporting a wide range of clients and receiving top evaluations and awards.
  • Educational credentials include Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Harvard University and Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State plus continuing to take courses to update skills and stay current.
  • Adjunct instructor teaching entrepreneurial classes at New York University.
  • Founding member of Career Counselor’s Consortium and elected three terms to its board, Member of Fairfield Network of Executive Women, serving 5 terms to its board, and Founding member of Coaching Connections, a mastermind group for consultants.

Who is the ideal client?

Typically someone who is talented, educated professional but stuck. The motto of New Career Ventures is “Guiding clients from inertia, to momentum, to career success.