I had the pleasure of finding Judith online when I was at odds with my career of which I had gone to college for and still in debt over.  Judith spoke with me first and I knew I hit the jackpot.  Her knowledge and experience in this area are priceless.  She really dug deep to find what my values were and what careers would be best for me.  She helped guide me and gave me everlasting advice.  Some I listened to then and some I did not and am now listening to 🙂   She was right about everything she said.  She takes into account your values and goals in life but also has the experience to tell you what will work and what won’t most likely work.

Judith is truly out for your best interest and wants you to be happy.  This is her passion and it shows.  I would recommend Judith for a wide range of career advice and ventures.  From a professional standpoint, she is on time and always gets back to you when needed.  I cannot thank her enough.

Lacy Birdseye,  Business Owner at Lacy Birdseye FNP – BC

Judith has helped me tremendously in evaluating my career and in figuring out where I should go after deciding that my old career was no longer what I wanted. I faced an uphill battle because I was looking to transition into the corporate world from the education field. There were many experts who told me that such a transition was out of the question, yet Judith believed in the vision I laid out, and agreed to work with me.

She presented me with strategies I could use to leverage my experience in the classroom and present it in a way that would be the most attractive to potential employers. After 3 months of working with Judith on my goals and strategies, I found meaningful work in the new profession I had chosen. I feel that Judith’s realistic knowledge of the job market and her creative ways were definitely the difference makers in getting this job. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Judith, and I recommend her highly.

Michael Allen, Founder of Global Transitions Coaching

Mondays at 7 is a premier networking group that meets Monday mornings at 7 am. We are fortunate to attract thought leaders in the career field. We were pleased to have Dr. Judith T. Evans speak to our group in 2017 on the topic “Your Job Search: How to Get the Job You Want.” In 2015, she presented, “Your Job Search: Beyond the Resume,” which was well received by our group.

The attendees found her to be a warm presenter, responsive to their questions, and a provider of practical advice. Both talks gave our audience valuable techniques, marketing tools, and useful information. We would welcome having Judith come back and encourage our audience with her career knowledge and positive attitude.

Howard Altmann
Steering Committee Member,
Mondays at 7

Judith and I were colleagues at Right Management for 17 years. Her integrity, professional knowledge, passion, intelligence and sense of humor made her, and make her still, one of the finest career professionals I’ve had the good fortune to know.

She’s especially masterful at teaching the principles and requirements of entrepreneurship to professionals exploring that route when contemplating a career change; and her ability to take what, for many, might be totally new concepts – writing a business plan, researching a franchise, identifying viable lenders/sources of capital – making them not terrifying but exciting and possible, is one reason why she is sought out by so many for her classes, and for individual counseling sessions.

Finally, and most important of all, Judith cares…about the well being and success of her clients, about the quality of her materials, about the benefit and usefulness of her massage. She’s the kind of professional who keeps learning and growing and increasing her value to her clients….a professional’s professional.

Paula Cohen, Career Management Consultant

I successfully launched two entrepreneurial ventures, a jewelry business and a consulting practice, thanks to Dr. Judith T. Evans.  This adventure started when I attended Judith’s courses, “Consulting” and “Starting Your Own Business.”  Motivated by the two courses, I asked her to coach me professionally.  Judith connected me with jewelry experts who helped educate me to the business and critiqued my work.  The consulting business was a natural outgrowth of previous experience but I needed support in going out as a solo consultant.  Judith’s coaching and no-nonsense approach enabled me to have a profitable, multi-faceted career.  While I have jumped back to a full-time position, I am grateful that I have two additional sources of income and creative satisfaction.  Now a bit about Judith – she is highly professional, intuitive, reliable and has integrity besides being a tireless and dedicated advocate.  I referred several people to Judith who were impressed and enjoyed working with her.

Debra Lynne, Executive with multiple streams of income